To adapt is to change

“Life is neither static nor unchanging.

With no individuality,

there can be no change,

no adaptation and,

in an inherently changing world,

any species unable to adapt is also doomed.”

― M. Auel





The only constant is change , and we are doomed by staying as shapeless and adaptable as moving water. I myself had to change the way I wear, the way I buy and the way I feel when I buy, create or ex-change my style, my habits.

I was left with the thought of how or what do I decide to save out of my room if I was to be scraped away by some natural unexpected force of nature and left with no option but to immediately decide what was going to go inside my so called, emergency bag. For the past months I was left being pulled into the sinking news and reportings of the refugee crises all over the world. I live in a country where an earthquake could break out around us any given moment.

Cast away, to change your mood, change your routine, change your hair, change your thoughts, change your mind, change your clothes, change your life. To adapt is to change, Change is the only constant. Be like water.

– Evette kotze




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